Since I was young I watched my brother play games from Squared Enix and Naughty Dog, and I always thought it was an amazing work to create such games, some so realistic and with endless storys. I always loved creating imaginative worlds in my head, my creativity was always growing and I could find ways to express it until I was presented with the world of design.


Started with graphic design in high school and continued my studies in Design in my bachelor, so I could learn more about every area. Through the years, 3D modeling, motion design, animation, game design became my main interests. 

At the moments I work as a Freelance Designer for a Art company, and have an Important part in our new NFT Project, ArtsyApes. 

The power of abstract works fascinates me, the freedom to create content without any guidelines but your own imagination.


I always worked at night, it’s the best moments to let my ideas flow, sometimes I find myself so emerged in my project I lose track of time. The projects I enjoy the most are the ones I have with members where we can share knowledge and ideas and create amazing design works.


Thank you!